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and so did old Mistress Crookshank, Bishop Crookshank’s

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"The officer's name is Thomas Vandeleur," continued Florizel. "The stone is called the Rajah's Diamond. And" - suddenly opening his hand - "you behold it here before your eyes."

and so did old Mistress Crookshank, Bishop Crookshank’s

The officer started back with a cry.

and so did old Mistress Crookshank, Bishop Crookshank’s

"We have spoken of corruption," said the Prince. "To me this nugget of bright crystal is as loathsome as though it were crawling with the worms of death; it is as shocking as though it were compacted out of innocent blood. I see it here in my hand, and I know it is shining with hell-fire. I have told you but a hundredth part of its story; what passed in former ages, to what crimes and treacheries it incited men of yore, the imagination trembles to conceive; for years and years it has faithfully served the powers of hell; enough, I say, of blood, enough of disgrace, enough of broken lives and friendships; all things come to an end, the evil like the good; pestilence as well as beautiful music; and as for this diamond, God forgive me if I do wrong, but its empire ends to- night."

and so did old Mistress Crookshank, Bishop Crookshank’s

The Prince made a sudden movement with his hand, and the jewel, describing an arc of light, dived with a splash into the flowing river.

"Amen," said Florizel with gravity. "I have slain a cockatrice!"

"God pardon me!" cried the detective. "What have you done? I am a ruined man."

"I think," returned the Prince with a smile, "that many well-to-do people in this city might envy you your ruin."

"Alas! your Highness!" said the officer, "and you corrupt me after all?"


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